The 'these three ...' project asks participants to choose three words that describe a desirable future for them and their communities. These words are then hand-set in metal type and printed. The 'these three' workshops have been been run in 2022, 2023 and is running again in 2024 at the Melbourne Art Book Fair Stallholder Fair May 24, 25, 26. See the 2024 these three things page for more information.

See previous images and more from 'these three ...' workshops below.

these three worlds 2023


The 'These Three Worlds' workshop series was part of the these three ... series of workshops and events. They were run in 2023 as part of Melbourne Art Book Fair and Melbourne Design Week. The aim for this year was to produce collaborative booklets using the prompt, "Thinking about the future liveability of your community, what three words come to mind?"

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